Dr. Brent Vidrine

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Brent Vidrine took the position as superintendent of Monroe City Schools in June 2013.  Dr. Vidrine has more than 27 years of professional experience in the educational realm, including 9 years in the state of Texas. In Texas, Dr. Vidrine served as a middle school reading and English teacher. At 30 years of age, he became an assistant principal at Woodrow Wilson High School. In 1998, Dr. Vidrine moved to Monroe, Louisiana to serve as principal of Neville High School. During his 15 year tenure at Neville High School, he has been the voice for nearly 15,000 students and mentor for approximately 450 staff members. It was an appointment he did not take lightly, and the success of Neville High School has been and continues to be recognized throughout the state of Louisiana for its excellence in academic achievement and sportsmanship. His charge remains the same, which is to see our community transformed by the important work going on in the Monroe City School District. Dr. Vidrine says giving kids a solid foundation of hope is what being an educator is all about, which is what initially led him to a career in the field of education.  

Growing up in Eunice, Louisiana, Dr. Vidrine's parents instilled in him the importance of hard work and education. Also, he was influenced by his grandfather’s hard work ethic and the characteristics of his grandmother’s loving and uncanny wisdom.
Dr. Vidrine graduated from Northeast Louisiana University, which is now known as The University of Louisiana at Monroe. He came to the university and was member of the baseball team. Dr. Vidrine believes his involvement in sports and having coaches and teachers who genuinely cared for him both athletically and academically helped lead him to his professional success.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he moved to Texas where he graduated with a Master’s Degree from Texas A&M Commerce. He completed his Doctoral degree from University of Louisiana at Monroe. While in Texas, he and his former wife had two children. His son and daughter are products of the Monroe City School System. His son Austin and Laura, both graduates of Neville High School and presently attend Louisiana Tech University, following their father’s footsteps majoring in the field of education. 

Dr. Vidrine has served as a member and committee chairman for the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA). During 2012-2013, Dr. Vidrine served as the President of LHSAA, bringing numerous state athletic events to the city of Monroe. He continues to serve on LHSAA as a member and consultant to this year’s president. He is proud to have been selected as Superintendent to Monroe City Schools, but he is also humbled.  What makes him happiest is seeing the success of others; he is eager to lead the way, not by walking in front of others, but by walking beside them and giving them support.
One of his favorite quotes comes from the great Chinese philosopher Lao-tsu who said, "When the best leader's work is done, the people will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
When this happens, he knows he will have achieved success.